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    hello guys, i need help. ive got an essay to write, please help. The essay qn is "To all such 'Wuthering Heights' must appear a rude and strange production. the wild moors of the north of england can for them have no interest: the language, the manners, the very dwellings...must be to such readers in a great measure unitelligible, and- where intelligible- repulsive' (Charlotte Bronte, 1850) How far do Charlotte Bronte's words go in explaining the hostile reception 'Wuthering Heights' recieved on its publication 1848? Examine why the book failed to ignite the interest of readers in 1848. Reffering to the historical events took place and the beliefs and values of middle class victorians.
    Please help...its very hard...
    thnx xx

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    i've read the book. its very interesting

    but your assay is apparently so difficult, i hope that someone else can help you


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    I am a huge fan of the book..I wrote an essay, not quite as hard as yours... But if I understand the question correctly I would say that to look at the audience of that time you will see that the story was not that far fetched... The reason why it arouses in us the OMG effect.... A big part of it is to see the treatment of people.. which, I would like to think, we have better today...
    Plus I think people in Victorian times where more likely to to hide the problems of society than expose....
    Hope I helped you

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