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Thread: I relate to this book.

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    I relate to this book.

    As I get further into this book, I enjoy it more and more. Agnes Grey has to put up with people who are incidentally cruel rather than purposefully cruel, which is the most common sort of cruelty in life and therefore the most likely to happen often enough to cause scars. There is sadness and quiet anger over the cruel stupidity of the people around her, and yet she is really unable to put them in her place.

    I want to reach out to her through the page, sort of, and become her friend... She is one of those characters I wish I could know in real life, not because they're terribly fascinating, but because they are terribly human and good.
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    I certainly agree. Agnes might not me as passionate as Catherine but there is a very quietointelligence about her. I felt for her, having to teach and controll those ghastly children and then be treated like a second class person by the sisters.
    Anyway the end made me smile. Although of course al is well and the two lovers have found each other in the end as was expected I felt that they thoroughly deserved it. I felt sort of content after I finished the book.
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