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Thread: Who'd have thought!

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    Who'd have thought!

    Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for putting together a literature forum. Who'd have thought the internet could be so interesting! Here's my brief introduction:

    I'm a Londoner but live in rural west Wales, and enjoy most forms of literature. I write some poetry and short stories, and non-fiction articles, and I'm currently researching a phd in English Renaissance poetry at the University of Wales, looking particularly into the sonnet and it's representation of the self and consciousness.

    I also have interests in Milton, the English Victorian novel, and the Romantic period, particulalry Blake and Wordsworth.

    Hope to make some contributions to our discussions.

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    Welcome on board. Wishing you a happy staying with us.
    The source of any bad writing is the desire to be something more than a person of sense--the straining to be thought a genius. If people would say what they have to say in plain terms, how much eloquent they would be.

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    I think you will find alot to interest you here. Welcome aboard!
    "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes."
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