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Thread: Biography similarity

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    Question Biography similarity

    Hello forum users,
    Do you think that there is a similarity between the Bronte's sisters biography and the novels Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights?

    Thanks for the responders.

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    Yes of course there are many parallels between the fictitious works the Brontes wrote and their own short sad lives you can read much about them here:
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    Any ideas?
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    See, The Life of Charlotte Bronte.

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    not very simliar, remember she is not an orphan and she is raised in a middle class family. she is not alone she has two sisters and one brother.
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    I heard somewhere that The Lowood School and the school that The Bronte sisters went to were kind of similar...
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    I also heard that. Weren't they also governesses at one time...?

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    yeah i guess that they were governess, yeah as far as i remeber they were, everone in a different family working as governess, i guess
    however i have the feeling that charlotte wrote the story "jane eyre" as if it was her story, like as if she was jane eyre with the life that she wanted to have, something like that

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