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Thread: Thomas Hardy in the readers`s eyes

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    Thomas Hardy in the readers`s eyes

    I must confess-I did not enjoy Thomas Hardy.why?
    His novels seeme d to me austere,with no vivid colours,with no joy with no life.
    We are aware ,that he was a dramatist, a poet and a novelist.His characters fight against inimical fate and against their own wild impulses.With Hardy ,life is reduced to its basic elements,birth,marriage,death;love is the central concept.

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    Sometimes with Hardy it seems he tells rather than dramatizes. There is something about his style that doesn't engage me as much as it should. Not always, but enough to not look forwad to reading him again. Although I know I should. He's an important transitionary writer.

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    I love Hardy's novels. Yes, they are bleak but they're full of spirit. The characters fight for their lives against intolerant societies and the cruel nature of love.

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