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Thread: 100 Posts?

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    100 Posts?

    Is it true that I must make 100 posts before can submit something for the contest? There's no way around this, then?

    Signed, the one knuckled typist.

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    yes, there are some threads that you can play in games that will help. The reason for this is that so many people become members and then never post.
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    Hello Captain Pike,

    Welcome to the Forum! It is one of the requirements of the competition that members who take part should have at least 100 posts.

    As B-Mental mentioned in his reply, even though 100 seems like a big number, once you start visiting the games section and/or other discussions thread on the Forum, it is easily acquired. Hopefully, if not for February, you will be able to have that many posts for the following eliminations!
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    I would sure like to write a very short story. I have alot of postings to do. From Katie9trent

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    O boy can I ever identify! Now I am halfway there. You can do it too. Check out the games!

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    I signed up to this, as I had a question about Keats, then forgot about it. Now I've just had the newsletter, so I remembered about it! I'm here for good now, and I'm going to try and get into the short story competition. 98 posts to go....

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    can i write a GHOST story?

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    I sure hope I can make it. X_X';

    I take you where you want to go.


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    who wants to write a ghost story?

    I was surprised when I read the post of tulysg1982

    because I am wrote a ghost story , in two days and I finished it in Arabic
    and I translated it into English but did not type it on the Ms Word yet
    so I want to ask the same question>>> can I write a ghost story?
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    can it be a short comedy, like a play?

    and 100 posts is a lot...

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    Read the rules of the competition guys - anything within the Forum rules and word limits is allowed.

    100 posts, eh, not that much. I have so few because I get on this site like once a week XD
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    Now, when the December has set off and the stories can not be accepted any more -I presume - when and how can I post my stories now?

    I have many stories written in my computer and can date be extended and what does one get for writing a story?

    Will you publish it somewhere or what?
    Any monetary awards?

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