This area of the forums is for people who want to discuss the general subject of writing, or are asking specific questions about their own writing ie: essays, assignments etc. or who want to share excerpts of their novels for opinions/feedback etc.

Please consider the fact that sometimes this can be a *very* busy section of the forums

If you are going to make more than one post regarding the same novel/book/story/essay/assignment etc, please post them in the same topic. Do not start a *new* topic every time.

This allows others who are sharing their work/asking for help etc. to be seen and read as well, instead of getting bumped off the first page of topics because someone has posted multiple topics.

Thank you!


Also, if you have finished short stories, or, are working on a short story, please consider submitting it to The Literature Networks' Short Story Competition linked here

*instead* of posting it here !