“Hayeee…Ben, is this room spennin?” I’m hold’n on tight to you my little can of amber bliss, cuz you might fly out of my wing. He-he-he, get it?...fly out of my wing?...what with all this central….centri… centrifoossal faaarce. Loooo..kuhss at me; I’m Mowwwzart on the gramophone turning at seventy eight rpms. No, no…I’m that Do…Dowuthy girl suhss..sspennin in her house! Toto, Toto come back. Hey, there’s ante M!...whew I am flying high boys…you better call the Game Warden!!!!”

“Franklin! stop that drunken gobble’n and get a hold of yourself man!- I mean Turkey. Every year it’s the same with you. You come struttin over to my place acting like you want to borrow a cup of pecans but your ulterior motives are quite clear to me you ole Tom! Your timing is impeccable. I hear you scratching at my door just as I’m pulling a platter full of drumsticks and arms out of the oven. Being the good Christian soul that I am however, my convictions will not allow me to shut the door in the face of a fowl friend. But instead of eating, you immediately fly to that infernal bottle of gobble juice and commence to drenching your gizzard. Now you’re lit up like a country Christmas tree!”

“Come now, shake out of it. There’s one more plump, juicy drum stick with your name on it and after that you can sink your beak into this delicious mince man pie!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all or at least those of U.S. who care.
Yes; I’m a day early, but I will be on the road and out of pocket for a few days.
God speed to those who are travelling.