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Thread: Last Book You Bought and Why

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    Last Book You Bought and Why

    Well, I suppose we might as well have this discussion.
    The idea for this thread is, um, rather self-explanatory, so, without further ado, I shall begin...

    (The what)
    The Way We Live Now - Anthony Trollope

    (The wherefore)
    I've rather enjoyed what I've heretofore read of the unfortunately-named Trollope, and am informed that this is one of his best. Plus it was just big and inviting. I was seduced.
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    Just got a trio of James's!

    Daisy Miller
    Washington Square
    The Europeans

    1) Inspired by avid James fan, who coincedentially started this thread too
    2) Why those particular ones? There were the only bloody things available by James at the shop
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    1 would be three...for some reason I tend to buy books in threes...not sure why?, but what the heck!

    okay so last book(s) I bought:
    Tyrants of History, Serenity, The History of the Computer.


    tyrants: well, just a good reference for research and believe it or design.
    serenity: Joss Whedon is a genious who's skill for tv is unequelled (well atleast for the series Firefly...buffy wasn't so hot, nor was angel)
    Chronicles of Riddick: well...recreational...bathroom reading...also, I work as an IBM Helpdesk guy, so I have some spare time (nightshift)

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    1. East of Eden
    2. Self help book to learn Spanish.


    1. I had finished reading Kite Runner and was looking for a new book to read, I browsed the litnet book club and this was the book that came to my attention again and again.

    2. Dont ask me why I bought it But I thought it will be nice if I learned a new language. I bought the self help book to see if I get interested in this language, so far I have just learnt how to say Good Morning, Afternoon and, Night. Very bad progress I say....
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    Now that would be telling it, wouldnt it?
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    the last book I bought and I swear this is its name
    A very short, Fairly interesting and reasobly cheap book about studying organizations i thought it might be useful for my essay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanislaw View Post
    okay so last book(s) I bought:
    Tyrants of History


    tyrants: well, just a good reference for research and believe it or design.
    Is that the one that starts with Alexander the great? if it is its so full of mistakes on the first page alone that I wanted to get it withdrawn from our library or scribble down the side c***P! this person obviously knows nothing at all about his sources and has no idea how to research!

    I hope its not though...
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    That would be...

    "Cell" by: Stephen King

    Firstly: I'm actually more of a writer than a reader; however, I realize that One can only grow from where he choses to go... you know? So, therefore, I set out in search of a new book whilst I roamed the vibrant halls of Fred Meyer. Mr. Meyer, not possessing a very vast selection, had me searching rather finicky. I intended upon buying a fantasy novel; however, there stood the upright novel of "Cell", looking shining because of the reflecting invitation. Knowing Stephen King is a rather remarkable fiction writer, I chose to buy this book rather than the others.

    Secondly: I had money
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    A Opened Grave by L. Frank James. Sherlock Holmes goes back into to investigate the ressurection. Couriousity about the book's content was why I bought it. It's causing a bit of a debate.
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    "Short stories of the 19th century"...- why?...Well first I had to buy myself a book/ I have entered the bookstore,so couldn't help it/...We do not have very much of a variety of choice of books in English here -most were already in my library, so I decided to buy a collection, it gave me access to more writers...
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    Hmm...erm..I can't remember if I went to the bookstore first or Amazon, lol...

    Bookstore: "Witch" by Christopher Pike...because I had a giftcard and I haven't read in a loooong time and I remembered I used to like Pike. And "A Stroke of Midnight" by Laurell K. Hamilton because I still had gift card money left and I like to escape my boring life with sexy fantasy novels

    Amazon: "Rookie Teaching for Dummies" because of a recommendation by someone in the Teacher's Forum on this site, and another book I can't remember the title of, but it was along the lines of an "English Teacher's Companion" because I plan to start student teaching English soon...
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    Taming of the Shrew.

    Why? Because I wanted to participate in the Shakespeare book club reading.
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    From Blake to Byron

    The Pelican Guide to English Literature (part 5)

    Why? I found a heaven of books infront of me.. Suddenly I chose it.. this is it..
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    Team of Rivals: the Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (Doris Kearns Goodwin)

    Because: I've had my eye on this book for a while. Abraham Lincoln is posthumously awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesian View Post

    (The what)
    The Way We Live Now - Anthony Trollope
    Oh, that's a good one. I think you'll be pleased.

    But I want to know, it is pronouced Trol-up as in a woman of ill repute or Tro-lope with a long 'o'? I prefer to think it's the later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanislaw View Post
    There's a book?!

    The last couple of books I bought were White Guard by Mikhail Bulgakov and that I bought because I have grown very fond of Bulgakov and the other book was No Ordinary Summer Pt. 2 because I read part one and now it's time for part 2.
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    Today i bought a 1911 edition of Synges Well of the Saints, from an antiquarian seller. I already have Deirdre of the Sorrows in the same edition. If i can find the rest, i'd be happy! It cost me 45 Euros though!

    Same seller is going to have a look at a my Poetical Works of Thomas Moore from c1900. It possibly has Count John Francis MaCormacks Signature in it. Apparently he had a habit of signing all the books in his personal collection. Only Difference is, is that if this sig is genuine, it would be worth more than the others because he's famous for singing Thomas Moores poems etc. All about association. fingers crossed!
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    The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath.

    I have to read it for my American Lit class, and I can't stand to read anything of any length out of those enormous anthologies. I've been meaning to read it anyway (along with the rest of the long list secreted away in my wallet, and the tall stack of the results of my used book store hauntings next to my bed).
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