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Thread: Help! What is the best theme to write about Merchant of Venice

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    Post Help! What is the best theme to write about Merchant of Venice

    I have a paper I have to turn in December 21. I am lost in a sea of materials and I have not come up with a thesis or definite area for the merchant of venice. Could someone please give me an idea about what is the easiest subject about merchant venice to write about??? The paper is supposed to be a 12-page research paper.

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    What are your resources?
    Mr. Cheeseman ordered the five hundred
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    hmm. well, the easiest would probably be the one we had to write for our Engllish essay - about stereotypes and discriminations, like Jews and Christians, men vs. women, etc., and how the characters rise above (or do not rise above) them. if you needed it really long, you could probably also do some background about the origin of the stereotypes and such.
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    I HAVE a take-home study about "psychoanalysis in merchant of venice".... but this is a deep subject,we are permitted only 2 pages length,this is my final exam essay,could any one help me???

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    can anyone give me the theme for the merchant of veince ???
    i'm new here help me
    don't let me sad

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    the easiest theme to write about is love.. between jessica and lorenzo and antonio and bassanio...

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