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Thread: Poems and rhymes remixed.

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    Poems and rhymes remixed.

    Here's my first(i heard this one at school):
    Deck the halls with tons of gasses!
    Fa la la la laaaa,
    la la la la.
    Light the match and watch it glare.
    Fa la la la laaaa,
    la la la la.
    Burn the school down to ashes.
    Fa la la,
    la la la,
    la la la.
    Aren't u glad we played with matches?
    Fa la la la laaaa,
    la la la laaaaaaaaa!

    and my second, made by a friend of mine:
    Little Mrs. Muffett,
    Sat on her tuffett,
    Drinking her karosene.

    Along came a spider
    With a ciggarette lighter,
    And blew her to

    Post more on this thread!

    this is just a little humor corner. If offensive or crude in anyones eyes and/or mind, plz don't report me!
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    This is one my theatre group in college came up with for our play about death and suicide.

    Oh hang yourself
    slit your wrists
    overdose on pills,
    oh what fun you can have
    when you cant pay the bills.

    swing the rope
    nice and high
    blow you head away
    leave the mess for your mam
    and the rest to put away.

    it goes along to jingle bells. i know very morbid. when this was being sung in was versed along side jingle bells as the main character and his girlfriend where listening to carol singers at the time but all he could hear in his mind was people telling him to kill himself. This play had many screws loose!
    "Come away O human child!To the waters of the wild, With a faery hand in hand, For the worlds more full of weeping than you can understand."

    "If it looks like a Dwarf and smells like a Dwarf, then it's probably a Dwarf (or a latrine wearing dungarees)"
    Artemins Fowl and the Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer

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    Wrote this a while (a long while) back...

    Parody 3: Excelsior!

    The shades of night were falling fast
    as through the worried bedroom passed
    two parents worried about their teens,
    who now had entered the “Dating scene”.

    Mom was worried about Sara Jane
    perhaps she was parked up some dark lane
    with a guy whose hormones were in a rage,
    who could not read a printed page!

    Pop was worried about Billy Joe
    (They’d had that special talk last fall!)
    He really didn’t mind if old Bill dated
    as long as he didn’t get some girl impregnated!

    They walked the floor and tore their hair,
    they jumped at every creak of the stair,
    they never understood in their fright
    that their kids had stayed at home that night!

    D.L. Harris

    © 9/15/97

    Some of us laugh
    Some of us cry
    Some of us smoke
    Some of us lie
    But it's all just the way
    that we cope with our lives...

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