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Thread: Love Triangle

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    Love Triangle

    Why do you think Daisy chose Tom over Gatsby at the end of the novel? Both men are wealthy which what she is interested in, so what are her reasons for rejecting her first love?

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    good thinking very hard question, you think too hard

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    Gatsby could nto prvide enough security I think, and there was never any chance Daisy could have left Tom, because of his importance in that society. xxx

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    Actually i have changed my mind i think Daisy chose Tom because he is rich and reliable, unlike Gatsby who left her and led an illigetimate life.

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    because she was in love with the idea of loving Gatsby but she did truly love Tom but took him for granted and never properly realised this.

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    Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby because she is superficial and labours at being shallow. She is inable to love Gatsby as he loves her because of her character limitations. She refuses to sacrifice her social standing and sercurity even though Gatsby will take the blame for her carelessness that leads to the death of Mrytle Wilson. Although Tom and Daisy are very contrasting in their mannerisms, they hold the same ideals and goals and are therefore very much alike. This is why Daisy does not leave Tom for Gatsby.

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    It was just easier to stay with Tom, she loved him in her own little ways, she was married to him, she had a child with him, and he wasn't neck deep in illegal dealings and these are just the things that he had over Gatsby. Gatsby was the love of her life, but sometimes that isn't enough. Especially when society at the time did not look too kindly on adultery, divorce, and the complcations of a child. Though not unheard of, women did not in general have much freedom, and felt they needed to be able to depend on their man.

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    Gatsby is a dream, and Daisy just wasn't brave enough, or insane enough, to live that dream. She did what most rational women would do, and what was expected of her to do: give in to reality. Gatsby was the ideal love, but also too wild, too unstable. Tom, as much of an ******* as he can be, provides more security, more propriety, less gossip and social reprobation (remember, they were married and had a child). That's the tragedy, I think: we have dreams, but we can't live it, and must settle for unsatisfying and even rotten alternatives. Those who don't compromise, and let himself be consumed by dreams, well, end up like Gatsby, dead.

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