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Thread: Realism Effect In Movies

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    Realism Effect In Movies

    Hey i have question which is confusing me a little and i was hoping some of you guys could clear my mind and make me understand it abit more.

    What effect can a display of realism in a movie have on its audience? Why do directors use realism in movies, especially in movies which deal with rape, drugs and killing.

    How can i define realism? Moreover how can i define it in a movie?

    Just some advice would be helpful

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    When an audience can relate to something, it is more likely to effect them. So realism, for me, has always meant something I could envision happening in the 'real' world. Movies are there to play on our emoitions, and thus all tools with be used to acheave this task. We are meant to feel happy with the central character when he gets the girl, glad when he kills the villan, and sad when the villan comes back. The more real it seems, the more effective it is. Drugs, Rape and Murder are things that effect our society, and thus people will usually be more sensetive to them.

    Sorry if that wasn't much help, I just didn't really understand what you were asking for... :-s  2865
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