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Thread: Charlotte Bronte book?

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    Charlotte Bronte book?

    My mum recently heard about a charlotte bronte book which was discovered only a couple of years ago, but she cant remember the name... any one have any ideas? apaprentyl it was a question on the who wants to be a millionaire or something!

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    Hi All
    I think i might have found it!
    Might it be "The Foundling"?
    I cant find any history on it so not sure if it is one published for years or the one im after- recently published!
    any ideas?

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    Yes there is a short novella written by her at the age of seventeen called 'The Foundling'. I have just received it in the mail from Barnes and Noble but have yet to read it. The synopsis is thus: 'When Edward Sydney is found abandoned as a baby, local landowner Mr. Hasleden claims him as his own, and Edward grows up believing Hasleden to be his father. However, after his protector's death, Edward becomes filled with curiosity about his true origins, and sets off on a pilgrimage to Verdopolis-Brontė's mythical kingdom-where he hopes to discover evidence of his real name and the circumstances of his birth. Yet he soon realizes that the inhabitants of this glittering city are not all as they seem, and he finds himself embarking upon a remarkable journey that must go by way of murder and kidnap, friendship and rivalry, love and heartache, before the truth of his name can be revealed.'

    There is also an unfinished manuscript called "Emma Brown" that comprised of 20 pages that was left by Charlotte at her death. It is now published as a novel in which the Irish novelist Clare Boylen finishes Brontė's work.

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