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Thread: i miss you

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    i miss you

    they say that time will take away the pain,
    and if i let myself i will find the way
    but it has been 5 long months,
    and still it hurts the same.
    its like just yesturday
    i saw you walk through the room
    you never one for big good-byes.
    and i know what yu would say,
    you'd tell me to stop my crying
    and that it would all be ok,
    but even still as time goes on
    seasons change and winters here
    your favorte time of year.
    its hard to think that from here on out
    you're no longer going to be here
    knowing this some how makes the winters colder,
    the nights seem longer and darker.
    i never thought i'd have to say good-bye so soon
    but i think its for the better.
    cause even though you wont be here anymore.
    it makes me happy to know
    that now your not hurting
    cause all the pain has faded,
    and as i think of you
    the angels sing their song,
    just like they did when you sent home.
    and even though i love and miss you
    i know that your happy now
    and i'll see you soon
    when the angels come for me.

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    Very very touching - and I'm sorry for the obvious loss you are describing here. Very heartfelt. These poems uplift all who have been through something similar!!

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