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Thread: "No Lies, Just Love" Bright Eyes, anyone?

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    "No Lies, Just Love" Bright Eyes, anyone?

    Im doing an English assignment, and thought I could use a little help...

    I have to pick out all the poetic elements in this song.

    these are the lyrics:

    It was in the march of the winter
    I turned seventeen
    That I bought those pills
    I thought I would need
    And I wrote a letter 5
    To my family
    Said it's not your fault
    And you've been good to me
    Just lately I've been feeling
    Like I don't belong 10
    Like the ground's not mine
    To walk upon
    And I've heard that music
    Echo through the house
    Where my grandmother drank 15
    By herself
    And I sat watching a flower
    As it was withering
    I was embarrassed by
    It's honesty 20
    So I'd prefer to be remembered
    As a smiling face
    Not this ****ing wreck
    That's taken it's place

    So please forgive what I have done 25
    No, you can't stay mad at the setting sun
    We all get tired, I mean, eventually
    There is nothing left to do but sleep

    But spring came bearing sunlight
    Those persuasive rays 30
    So I gave myself
    A few more days
    My salvation, it came
    Quite suddenly
    When Justin spoke 35
    Very plainly
    He said, "Of course it's your decision
    But just so you know
    If you decide to leave
    Soon I will follow." 40

    I wrote this for a baby
    Who has yet to be born
    My brother's first child
    I hope that womb's not too warm
    Because it's cold out here 45
    And it will be quite a shock
    To breathe this air
    To discover loss
    So I'd like to make some changes
    Before you arrive 50
    So when your new eyes meet mine
    They won't see no lies

    Just love,
    Just love
    I will be pure 55
    No, no, I know I will be pure
    Like snow
    Like gold
    Like snow
    Like gold


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    Well, i saw something in the number of syllables in each line. I have my own poem to write for english, so I can't analyze the entire thing. Good Luck!
    "...thought is the arrow of time, memory never fades."

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