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Thread: The Devil's Game

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    The Devil's Game

    Some say that gambling is an addiction and if you have this addiction no matter what the consequence is you will bet, but what happens when you gamble with the wrong thing. What if the price of loosing is not money or anything you posses, but everything you love and eventually your soul.

    Jake Stanley is a 35 year old male who loves to gamble. He can never say no to a chance to make a bet, but now because of his addiction he will learn a terrifying lesson.
    Jake had just got home from playing poker, he had lost every hand and all the money on him, and he went to the couch and turned on to the football game he had betted a grand on his favorite team to win. It was the fourth quarter and the game was tied. There was only 30 seconds left in the game, and his team had the ball and they were first and goal. The quarterback threw the ball into the in zone and it looked like the receiver was going to get it. Jake was standing with anticipation, when out of nowhere the other team's corner back intercepted the ball and ran it all the way for the touchdown. Jake was highly upset over the lost.
    About thirty minutes after the gam Jake got a phone call. " Hello is this Jake?" and Jake replied, " yes who is this?" and the man on the other line said, " lets just say I am a friend who has a way you can make some money." Jake was very interested and so he said, " I'm listening" and the man on the other line said, " all you have to do is go to the old Hartman Hotel at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon I'll be waiting" and then the man hung up.
    Jake thought about what the man had said until he went to sleep. The next morning he decided it wouldn't hurt if he went and checked it out, and so an hour before three he left.

    He got to the old hotel at 2:30 and went inside and waited, and at exactly 3:00 out of nowhere a man in a black suit appeared and walked over to Jake with a suit case. " I'm glad to see that you made it Jake" the man said. " You said last night that you had a way I could make some money?" Jake said, and the man smiled and said, " yes I did inside this suit case is half a million dollars all you have to do is play a game to win it" and with saying that the man opened the suit case showing the money.
    " What's the object of the game?" Jake said, wondering if the man was just playing a joke on him. " All you have to do is role this four sided die, and if it does not land on six you win." Jake thought about and wondered what he would have to give up if it landed on six and so he asked, " what do I have to bet?" the man smiled and said, " nothing important all you have to do to make sure we have an agreement is sign this paper" and without thinking twice Jake signed, and as he signed it he saw the man smiling.
    " Let the game begin" the man said, as he handed Jake the four sided die. Jake grabbed the die and started to shake it. He through it to the ground, thinking that he had good odds that it would not land on six. The die finally stopped and with Jake's luck it landed on six. " Oh, I'm sorry Jake you lose I'll be seeing you later" the man said, as he snapped his fingers. Jake all the sudden found himself in his bed and he look at the clock and it said it was 3:00 in the morning. " It was just a dream" Jake said to himself, but he was thinking it seemed to real to be just a dream.
    The next morning Jake called his girlfriend, Tabatha, about his crazy dream. " Where were you yesterday?" Tabatha asked, sounding mad. Jake answered, " what do you mean I saw you yesterday" and Tabatha said, " no you didn't we were suppose to go to the movies yesterday, but you never showed up and when I called no one answered the phone." Jake was confused about the statement and asked, " What's today?" and Tabatha replied, " what were you on today is Sunday?" Jake realized that he must have slept all of Saturday.
    The rest of the day Jake thought about what he thought was a dream. The thing that he thought about the most was that the man said he would see him later. Jake wanted to know what that meant really bad.
    That night Jake's mother called him. " Hello Jake your father and I wanted to know did you want to go dinner with us tonight?" and Jake said quickly not wanted to go because he had a bet on a boxing match, " no I can't Mother I haven't felt good all day so I will probably go to bed" and his mother said, " oh ok honey, I will call later to see if you're feeling better" and then she hung up.
    When Jake turned to the boxing match he saw that the guy that he had betted on got knocked out after just a few punches. Jake was furious about losing the bet.
    About 2:30 that morning Jake got a call. " Hello is this Jake Stanley?" a man asked and Jake answered, " yes it is may I help you?" and the man said, " Mr. Stanley this is Officer Kennedy I have some horrible news your parents had a car accident." Jake didn't say anything for a moment and then said, " are they ok?" and the officer said, " I'm afraid not Mr. Stanley they're dead." Jake didn't say a thing because the last thing he had said to his mother was a lie, just because he wanted to see a boxing match that he had a bet on.
    A few days later they had the funeral for Jake's parents'. Jake didn't say a word during the funeral. After the funeral Tabatha came up to him. " Are you going to be ok Jake?" and Jake smiled at her and said, " I will be ok" and with that said he hugged and kissed her.
    When she left Jake heard a familiar voice say, " Sorry about your poor parents Jake" and when Jake turned around it was the man who had gotten him to play that game in his sleep. " You can't be real you were in my dream" Jake said, a little freaked out about seeing the man. " That little game you played with me was no dream Jake" the man said smiling and Jake replied, " then why are you hear?" and the man said, " just to see how you are doing and that the game isn't over until I get what you signed as an agreement to you losing." Jake looked at him in confusion and said, " you said I didn't have to bet anything" and the man said, " well you should have read the fine print before signing the contract and before I go Jake you need to know that your girlfriend and you will be seeing your parents soon in hell" and with that said the man snapped his fingers.
    Jake found himself back in his room and it was now night time. " I got to get to Tabatha before he does" he said to himself as he ran out of his house and to his car.
    He got to Tabatha's house to see that the door was wide open. He ran into her house, and when he got inside the door slammed shut behind him. Jake tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. " Damn it" he said as he turned around and ran upstairs to Tabatha's bedroom.
    When he got to her room he saw Tabatha's body laying on her bed. Blood was everywhere. Jake walked to her and started to burst into tears. " What's wrong Jake?" someone said from behind him. When he turned around he saw it was the man, and with seeing him Jake felt so much hatred. " Why the **** are you doing this to me, you sick son of a *****?" Jake said with a lot of anger. The man just looked at him and said, " now Jake is that the way you talk to someone, you know you should always have a heart when you talk to someone" and then the man held out a human heart.
    Jake looked at him with horror and said, " what are you?" the man just laughed and said, " I am a devil of sorts, I go to people who are to busy doing vain things and don't care about the people around them and so I get them to do something that relates to the vain thing they do and when they lose I take those close to them away and then take them." Jake tried to say something, but couldn't. " Now it's time for you to go Jake and you can't do anything about it" the man said as he walked up to Jake.
    The End

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