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Thread: We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness

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    Cool We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness

    I just started reading 1984 by George Orwell in my sophomore english class. I have to say that it does spark my interest. I think that it will probably only get better. I was wondering about something though. Does Winston's dream where O'Brien is talking to him about meeting him in a place "where there is no darkness" going to have any relevance or not. I think if it does it would be pretty interesting. Like I said I'm not very far into the book. I hope someone can answer my question. Thanks a bunch. Pleeeeease reply soooooon! ok I'll take a simple yes or no answer if someone will post one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlegrace90 View Post
    "where there is no darkness"
    there is going to be a huge thing that happens towrds the end.
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    O.B is important

    You're correct in thinking that O'Brien is an important character in the novel. He is and you will soon see this as you move through Parts II and III.

    You should recognize that Orwell has created a setting that can be described as hopeless and even lifeless in many ways. One of many things missing is HOPE.

    Winston needs to have some hope to continue (as we all do) and he finds a little in what he perceives to "see" in O'Brien. Winston has a feeling that O'Brien and he share the same hatred for Big Brother. But what we need to investigate is whether or not this perception Winston has is based in reality or just "wishful thinking". He is so desperate for this hope that maybe he is "seeing" something that may not exist.

    In any event you'll find out. Glad to see that you see the novel as intriguing. It will become more so.

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