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Thread: Gustave Flaubert

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    if possible i would like you to get Sentimental Education, that is the book i really want. but, if, for some reason you can't then please try this:
    Madame Bovary

    they are both by Flaubert. i am quite sure there is no problem since he died in 1880. well i would really appreciate it if you could do this, i havn't been able to find this book online, if worse comes to worse i will actually have to buy the book. thanks again.

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    i guess the silence means "no, we wont get you the book."

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    Right now I prefer to add only books from those authors who I already have on the site.

    Additionally in about a week I'm moving the site to a new server and sine the database (at 170mb) is a pain to backup I'm not going to add anything until after the move.

    I will look at adding his after that though.

    Until then this may hold you over:

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