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    hi everyone this is abhay iam a new user.
    actually i need help on my my project in which i have to make magzine on shakespeare's times.
    hope i get ur help

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    what kind help will you need?
    im doing a mag project too..

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    Have you tried this Website?

    I'm a new user, too. I've found this site helpful, but there's one that's better, I think. It's called Type in Shakespeare in the search engine, and it'll bring up a nice, long article for you. Believe me, I have a report to do on Shakespeare right now. I hope this helped you.

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    Not that Wikipedia isn't totally lovable, but I don't reccomend using it for a school report. Anyone can edit, so it's not strictly reliable, and teachers know that--it raises eyebrows. So it's fine for a quick overview, but I'd reccomend going someplace a bit more official. Some starters:
    And lthere are lots of links here:

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    Rosalind, I agree with you - Wikipedia is send in and added to by it's readers so it is a compiling of many ideas and not necessarily 100% true. Better to stick to official sites, and they are numerous on the web. I have found much good commentary on the plays and the sonnets. Rosalinds choices are good ones. See those sites from her links.

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