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    Talking Help -> Antigone by Sophocles

    So for an assignment my professor asked me what the primary question in Antigone is...and I have no idea
    I was thinking that is has something to do with pride and wisdom - PRIDE VS. PRUDENCE? does this make sense. I need help!

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    When I read it, I thought the theme was loyalty vs. societal expectations. Your idea does make sense. What about pride and prudence? What led you decide that this was the primary question?
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    Should she obey the civil powers or obey the gods (and bury her brother)?

    Relevance: given this choice--as many Americans believe they have today--what would you do and why?


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    According to Hegel, the main problem in the play is the conflict between family values (presented by Antigone) and state values (presented by Creon). I hope that will help you.
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