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Thread: ghosts and actively trying to connect to the past

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    ghosts and actively trying to connect to the past

    what do you think about the fact that when characters are trying to actively seek the past, Catherine's ghost becomes present? I am thinking of when Lockwood in the beginning is reading thru Catherine's books and trying to figure out more about her, and then has the incident with her ghost thru the window. Also, later when Heathcliff tries to dig up her grave and he feels her presence. He's the most tormented by the ghost because he is the one who most ardently and incessantly becomes obsessed with returning to the past when Cathy was alive. Anyone have any interesting elaborations on this aspect of the novel? I'm interested...
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    I guess the novel really has nothing but the past. The characters involved have no interest in the present, and no hope for the future, so they turn and bury themselves in the past. Catherine is representive of the past, as she is the central theme around which all the characters seemed to revolve. I don't know if that answers your question...

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