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Thread: Jane Austen's fictional P&P society to our modern 21st century.

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    Question Jane Austen's fictional P&P society to our modern 21st century.

    First off, Hi. I'm new. This place looks amazing and I can't wait to check out every single section.

    Now on to the reason of the post - - -

    I'm typing up a thesis for my class, and have come to realize I need help understanding a piece. I've answered the other 30 questions in a very detailed length, but I've become utterly stumped. I have to compare/contrast Marriage, Society and Parenthood from the fictional P&P society to today's modern 21st century. I'm having a problem on coming up with how it reflects on today's real world. I've studied and I've studied some more, but just can't come up with anything acceptable. I have to have this turned in by Wednesday, so any help would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much in advanced!

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    Comparison - Suggestions


    If I were you I'd split the matter into three parts:

    1) How did (do) they constitute a marital status ? For example: the way they look for a partner. Or: the way people interfere with human relations.

    2) How did (does) the marital relation develop during the menage ? For example: you can see a great difference in role for women.

    3) How can (could) they break the relation ? For example: divorce; relevance of the church.....and so on.......

    It's just a general route.

    I don't know whether that helps, but if it does I''ll be glad.:-)


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