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Thread: Where was Hale living in 1837?

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    Where was Hale living in 1837?

    I'm quoting a diary entry Hale wrote in 1837 after hearing Emerson's "American Scholar" oration. He was a Harvard student at the time, but does anyone know where he would likely have written in his diary? In other words, was he living at home or in a Harvard dormitory (if indeed Harvard had dormitories at the time)? Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    It's a bit late for this one, but I believe that he was living at home. The living situation at Harvard was not what it is today. There were houses where the students lived, and rhere were proctors who tried to oversee them, but the students were drunken scum. It was not a good environment for a fifteen year old boy who was studying to become a minister..

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