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Thread: Reformation Day is coming soon!

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    Reformation Day is coming soon!

    Just thought I'd let you all know that the 489th Reformation Day (October 31st) is coming soon! This was the date when Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany.

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    I didn't know that date. I'm Catholic, so it's certainly not celebrated for us, but out of curiosity do Protestants celebrate that day?

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    Gee, I hadn't even noticed that Luther's works were on this site until I saw this post. Brings back memories of my Lutheren upbringing. As a kid I always looked forward to Reformation Sunday because we all got to sing "A Mighty Fortress," and they sometimes hired a trumpet at our Church. It was almost as good as the music at Christmas and Easter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil View Post
    I didn't know that date. I'm Catholic, so it's certainly not celebrated for us, but out of curiosity do Protestants celebrate that day?
    I can't speak for all protestant faiths but I know Lutherans you could imagine. It's not a huge celebration or anything, I mean, we don't have a big blow out but it is something that is noted and remembered every year through the liturgy and the Pastor's vestments and banners and the sermon. In our church, we often have confirmation that Sunday as well, so it's also connected with that.

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    Brings back memories of my Lutheren upbringing.
    Hey, a fellow Lutheran.
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    Wow I knew about Luther nailing the 95 Thesis on the door, never knew the date. Thanks!
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    Yes my daughter wanted to do something with the younger youth for Halloween - I thought that there was something about this, I had forgotten - what a great day to remember - the priesthood of all believers & the just shall live by faith. This day is great day to remember. Thanks,

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