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Thread: Love or just Lust?

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    Love or just Lust?

    I believe she did not love Anthony. It was just lust. What do you think?
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    No I think she loved him but she was self-centered. It's a great play, if you ask me. It seems to be under rated.

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    That is true. The main subject of this play is either Cleopatra loved Antony or just wanted him as a superior human and third chief of the world.

    I especially enjoyed that Cleopatra had Cesar in her bed before Antony.
    It creates a big discussion if it is either love or lust of powerful people.

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    And also the fact that Antony is now the actual ruler of Egypt which is just a colony of Rome. So maybe she wants to keep her favour.
    However i think it is love. why else would antony die for her and she for him?
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    Would you put asps on yourself for anything less than love? Also, see Harold Bloom's chapter in his famous "Shakespeare, the Invention of the Human."

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