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Thread: Life and Death

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    The first thing that pops into my mind are the mariners in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" who die under the curse of the "Life-in-Death", a kind of strange, fantastic, skeleton shape which the mariner fancies. After the mariner's redemption, the dead men move again, as if it had been a dream (v. 331-334). It is a metaphor, symbolizing the mariner's revival and his ability to love again.

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    Thanks and clarification of request for resurrection figures in literature

    Great contributions - thanks. I especially like MDalloway112's suggestion of Gilgamesh and those who've walked in the land of the dead and returned. Sybilline's suggestion of the Mariner is also a good example of the kind of resurrection character that I'm seeking.

    In response to Whifflingpin's request for clarifiction - this all started because I'm having an ongoing debate with a friend of mine re: The Chronicles of Narnia being a fictional study in support of Christianity. Though of the christian persuasion myself, I struggle with that hypothesis which seems to be too heavily based on Aslan's resurrection (imho) and counter to C.S. Lewis' stated intent. My big question is that I don't understand why the Chronicles of Narnia - of all the resurrection/rebirth stories out there - is considered to be such a strong thesis in support of Christianity, since (at least the ones with which I am familiar) all the characters come back to "do good" and/or "fight evil" - at least on an individual level? I'd be interested in hearing other's perspectives on that topic.

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