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Thread: What Is An Archetypal Theme And Setting?

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    Smile What Is An Archetypal Theme And Setting?

    Could you tell me what an archetypal theme and setting are? I'm really not sure...

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    Help, please?

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    Thank youuu!

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    Archetypes in literature are stories that we all immediately recognise because having heard simple fairy tale type versions of them when very young they have become ingrained in our subconscious. Thus the rags-to-riches story; the misunderstood character whose gifts and powers are only revealed later; the quest where a series of trials are overcome; the supplanted heir; the wicked stepmother who expells the other woman's children. Archetypal settings would be where you would expect these stories to take place. Think fairy tales. Gothic literature rather obviously uses archetypal settings so much that the landscape of that type of story (both 19th century and modern) is almost a character in itself. Hope this helps. Can add more if wanted.

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