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Thread: favourite film adaptation of P&P

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    favourite film adaptation of P&P

    Which is your favourite film adaptation of P&P? Mine is the one fom 1940, with Laurance Olivier. I love it!

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    I've not seen the Olivier; I did not know he had done it. So far, mine is the A&E six-hour version.

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    I can't decide, I've seen them all though, so I know what every single one has to offer.


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    i just love the 1995 BBC version ,with colin firth

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    I have to agree. No one can play Darcy like Colin Frith

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    My favorite is BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. After waching this version, when I'm reading the book, I always see Firth's face

    I didn't enjoy watching P&P version from 1940 very much. Generally I like the old movies but this one... For me, the most annoying was discrepancy between the book's plot and the movie's plot. And the costumes-all dresses were looking like they were taken from Gone with the Wind!

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    I love the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I have to agree that noone can play Mr. Darcy better than Colin Firth.
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    Colin Firth all the way!
    I am, however, so biased when it comes to my beloved Pride and Prejudice, that I Love every adaptation....... no matter how unrecognizable. I own copies of most of them.
    Did you see Bride and Prejudice, the version from India?
    So colorful!
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