As we steal your mummified body from this place I don't think anyone sees us
See I know the incantations from the book of the dead to bring you back to me
Across the dark ocean from the land of the dead, this is a must
To raise your body again to be with me the way it was meant to be.

As soon as I stepped on Egyptian soil, this has been the only thing on my mind
To know just the right time to steal your mummy to reunite it with your soul
By paying homage to the Gods of the under world, the hands of time I was able to rewind
To bring you back to me was the only reason my morbid body has lived all these years, this was my only goal.

After entering the ancient pyramid, we put your mummy on the alter,see
I stand over your remains muttering the incantations, as your followers worship the God that will set you free
These people are yours my queen, long ago their ancestors promised to be true
Your reign my dear queen was meant to be.

I can see your transparent form rise from the pool of death
To once again be with you, you being whole again
Your soul reunites with your body and you take your first breath
Transforming your mummified body to a mortal one so once again you can walk among living men.

My incantations have worked, I bow to you my lover, my queen
You look down at me and smile saying"Arise my love"
You have conquered life and death to be with your queen
Together alive again we will be free as doves.