"For poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge, human thoughts, human passions, emotions,language." ---Coleridge

With that quote in mind, If any of you intelligent women have any meaningful and insighful poetry you would like to share , feel free to share here. I am looking to choose some peoms written by some of you to put into a poetry book, which i am hoping to compile in the future. This book would basically encompass poetry/writing from women of all backgrouds and walks of life, and of all different ages. I feel that women have alot to say and much to express, but most of the time they are not heard. I just think it would be interesting to see womens perspectives and expereince through writing, and the similarities and differences among age groups. You don't have to be an experienced poet or even know what poetry really means, but if you can write and have something that invokes emotions, feelings and sends a positive message to other women, then please share. It can be about anything and EVERYTHING, I am looking for diversity and substance. Please email me at [email protected], if you are interested in having your writing published in the future(that is if I can find enough people who are willing to share their poems). Please include your name(or anonymous if you would like to be discrete), your AGE(important), and your Occupation (also important). Thank-you for your time, and good luck to all of you.