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Thread: The Family Trees

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    Smile The Family Trees


    I have to hold a lesson about Lorna Doone, A romance of Exmoore. Because this book has a lot of names of family members I thought it would be useful for my classmates to show them the family trees of the Doones and Ridd's family, but I wasn't able to find some.
    May you help me?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Switzerland

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    First let me say that you have no need, nor should you do so, apologise for your English. It is sufficient to mention that you are Swiss, or whatever nationality one happens to be. That lets anyone know that English is not your native language.

    Your English is quite good anyway.

    I am very familiar with the novel - 'Lorna Doone' and have referred to it in another thread. I am also familiar with Exmoor, and the area in which the story is set.

    Putting together a family tree of some length that would be meaningful takes some doing.

    I read the book when about 12, but still have a copy sitting on my bookshelf in front of me as I write this.

    I am assuming you have read the book already. However, if you are serious
    in your proposed task, I suggest you read it again and jot down the family names as you read, and their relationships.

    This will give you all you need to make up a tree.

    It is a work of fiction, so there were no such families as the Ridds, and the Doones whose family came to Somerset from Scotland.

    You will also remember that Lorna was not a Doone by birth. She was from a titled family, and had been brought up by the Doones.
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    I've just ordered the book, which is out of print, so selling for high prices second hand. Look forward to reading it.

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