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Thread: Question on Oedipus

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    Question on Oedipus

    Can somebody help me?, i need to know the very first production of Oedipus ever made, the setting, place,actors,year,customs used,etc,. Thank You.

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    I assume you mean in ancient Greece. From

    Production. The theatre of the later 5th century consisted of a large circular orchestra, or dancing-floor, for the chorus, surrounded on more than half its circumference by the audience; on the other side was a low stage offering easy communication with the orchestra. Behind the stage was some kind of building probably with a large central door and a roof. The chorus could enter the orchestra from either side. The chorus (from 12-15 people) sang and danced; their leader might engage in dialogue with the actors; they were always men, masked and in costume. In the early plays of Aeschylus there were only two actors; by about 450 B.C., a third had been added; all were men, taking several parts each if necessary. The poet composed the music and the dance as well as the text, directed the production, and trained the chorus; some dramatists also played the leading roles.
    There is more. You might try surfing around here:

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