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Thread: how to find information; Robert Barr

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    how to find information; Robert Barr

    I'm trying to find more info about Robert Barr but I have as yet not been able to find much on the internet.
    Does anyone have any good tips for finding valuable info on a specific author on the net. Know any good webpages?

    also, if anyone happens to know anything about a biography or essays on Barr, I would be etarnally thankful if you let me know.


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    Hello Olivia there is a bio on this site but there doesn't seem to be a lot of biographical info about the man on the `net.

    He was closely associated with Jerome K. Jerome (author of Three Men in a Boat) and a friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (he wrote a story called "The Adventures of Sherlaw Kombs" which was a satirical jab at the famous mystery writer).

    He, with Jerome, was one of the founders of The Idler magazine. He also wrote under the pseudonym "Luke Sharp", you can find one of Luke's humorous articles in the Idler here:

    So, that can give you some more ideas as where next to point your search.

    A brief bio here:

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