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Thread: A Boundless Sea of Lotuses

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    A Boundless Sea of Lotuses

    To commemorate my father’s centenaries birthday, my elder brother, who lives in Yun Gui Plateau, and I went back to meet our sisters in hometown last July. Undoubtedly, this family reunion had brought tremendous excitement and happiness to our 5 separated brothers and sisters. After a solemn ceremony to our poor father who had died years ago, one of my sisters suggested to travel around our hometown to cease our grief. We all appreciated her smart idea and selected Po Yang Hu Lack as our first tour spot.

    The car was driven as quick as a gust of wind. After mere one hour’s journey, we had been far away from the dusty and noisy town. The breeze was softly blowing to our faces together with a faint sweet-smell. The smell was pleasingly presenting from time to time at first. Then, it came to be clearer and clearer. We felt as if it was not simply coming through our nostrils but penetrating to our inner organs. It was smelled so familiar, but I hardly remembered what it should be?

    “Look, Lotuses!” my younger sister cried out. Along her pointed direction, we found a spectacular scene and all shouted out simultaneously! “ Wow! My God, so many lotuses there!”.

    Downward the dyke there were endless lotuses with dark green leaves and pink flowers around us.
    The leaves were swaying in the wind just like green waves surging from the horizon to the dyke base. The waves were dazzling with their constant changing from dark green to pale white for the leaves turning the faces and backs over and over again. At the far end, the green leaves repeatedly fell down, while the pink flowers were slowly rising up, due to the flowers stems borne less wind load and had less bending, which looked like clouds of red mists were slowly rolling up from the blue sea.

    The most remarkable thing was the sound of lotus wave. It was a real sound of nature. It started from the horizon and as soft as mothers’ sleeping song to their babies in cradles, gradually it became as strong as a symphony and shocked our souls intensively.
    In the mean time, a shoal of white egrets were soaring beneath the blue welkin. Sometimes, they stretched their long feet to lurk into or perch on the lotus leaves, sometimes, they fluttered their wings and launched to the sky with cheerful singing, which added a dynamic rhyme upon this idyllic scene.
    “Should we take off the car and go down the dyke for a close look?” my elder sister suggested. “ Good idea!” we all responded loudly and came to the bank.

    I found the lotus leaves were as big as umbrellas. Some old ones changed the color from dark green to blight blue just as the color of mined hsiuyen jade, which gave us a deep and imposing feeling. Lots of dewdrops were still held on their palms. Under the breeze, the little water balls, as shining as diamonds, were rolling from side to side. Some of them even ran out of the leaf brims and dropped to the water generating silvery sounds like chord.

    Among the well-grown leaves there were lots of young curling sprout, which were as bright and fresh as Burma jade. Perhaps it was the adolescent charming that attracted so many dragonflies’ harassment with their hesitate perching and kissing..
    Above all, the things I was interested most were those outstanding lotus flowers. They were proudly erecting in the waves and pointing to the sky without any modifying branch or leaf. Their moderate pink color was neither too brave nor too flaunting. Their smell was faint but very impressive. When they were in buds, they were always dressing themselves with pink points glinting on pale green bases, which looked like shying girls before marriage. However, when they were blooming, the bright petals holding golden pistils and water droplets were constantly emitting emotional impact to us. When wind was blowing, they resonated the rhythm of lotus waves and gently swung. They generously contributed their beauty to modify the dull atmosphere of dark green. The whole lotus sea was vivified by their presentation.

    I was completely intoxicated and emotionally stuck on the wonderful scene until sunset befalling, when the sinking sun was goldenly glinting on the sky, the lotus sea and us and created a spectacular harmony in both the spiritual and real worlds.


    1) For photo reference pls. link to my blog Address:
    2) The photos attached are kindly provided by web-friends “Triple Heart” and “Wheeled Boat”
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