When eyes refuse to fall a single drop
Valises of heart become brine
Faith seasons wear torn sakaf
There eyes tickle down abhor smoke
You think bomb has power to kill man
No, not at all
Ill look is more cruel then Qayamat_e_sugra
Feel free to clear the misunderstandings
Otherwise they will wear barbaric dress
Then nothing will remain into your mighty pocket
It is resubmitted
Man is the Lord of lards
But when no more
Than what will be worthy of brighten Sun
Endless sky has how many stars of thoughts
And shining on the web of soul and mind
No one knows the depth of time river
Who can be caged the bird of thought
I tell you frankly
Ribs can never stand
If the prisoner stop or refuse to work
A few more red lines are shivering with fear
No way is left
So-called human dears
Think that they rule over all black and white
But time is above all colors
One thing more,
Only thing will stand
Man for love
Love for Man