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Thread: Chekhov Short Story Thread

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    "Heartache" is "Misery"

    "The Chameleon" is about a dog and wondering if it is a stray or the General's dog. Opinions change on what to do with the dog depending on the owner. This is humorous.

    "The Culprit" is about a guy who unbolts parts of passenger trains so he can use the nut as a weight for fishing. Apparently it was a common practice. He's arrested and sent to hard labor. It left me puzzled, but I can see the story as a humorous piece if one is in the right mood.

    I didn't particularly like "A Calamity" although the details were interesting. It was a story of adultery out of boredom as you mentioned.

    That leaves in the short list:

    The Letter
    The Name-Day Party
    Anna on the Neck
    About Love
    The Darling
    The Lady With the Pet Dog
    At Christmas Time

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    Read "The Chameleon" today. It´s the dogs luck that the chief of police doesn´t know where the dog coes from. And Russian authorities are very much like Brazilian. The treatment of a street dog is very different of the one given to a dog that belongs to an important person.
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    The Chameleon was funny. I haven't read any more of the stories, but I may get a chance today. I am also thinking of reading Balzac's Droll Stories, but that would be for another thread.

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