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Thread: Women's poetry of the romantic period

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    Women's poetry of the romantic period


    I've got a question on women's poetry through this period, Discuss the contention that women's poetry of the romantic period constitutes a seperate and distinctive tradition which explores essentially domestic and private concerns....

    If anybody has any ideas on where i just start with this, please let me know...

    Thank you

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    I think that women writers "poets" in 18- 19th, were very popular & influental in their period, incluiding Dorothy, Felecia Hemans & others. lending libraries increased their abilities to distribute their work, and thus raised the amount of reading material that other women could procure.

    It's crucial point here to say that, there were a "bluestocking" for women writers to emulate. This circle was confined to upper class women only.

    Usefull question, indeed!

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