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Thread: International Library of Poetry

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    International Library of Poetry

    Since I'm sure many of you are amateur poets I wish to inform you of a website/company that, in my opinion, takes advantage of many young poets.

    If you get a letter from the "International Library of Poetry" or I recommend you burn it, shred it, or feed it to your dog.

    More Information:

    Please see this topic in the Poems, Poets, and Poetry forum for further comment/info.


    Edited by Logos to update links:

    A google search of "International Library of Poetry scam" is helpful too


    Edited by Logos 27 September 2006 to add:

    I've edited the first post to update links and add the newest (that I have found) illuminating article about these corporations/companies

    "The Price of Poetry: How Amateur Poets are Fueling a Multi-Million Dollar Industry"
    from Pulse of the Twin Cities:


    Edited by Logos 25 April 2007 to add:

    From :

    "As of November 2006, there is no verifiable report of any successful legal action being taken against the company for alleged fraud. According to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's Writer Beware web site, however, the Maryland Attorney General's Office is interested in hearing from writers who have had dealings with the International Library of Poetry.[3]"


    Chris Beasley
    The Literature Network

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    what luck

    thank goodness i never actually sent them any money! and here i thought my poetry was something to take notice of, Oh well, at least it all turned out for the best.

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    Thanks for the heads-up.
    Yeah, I'm giving the 'wink' and the 'gun' like Ponch from Chips, big whoop wanna fight about it?

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Why A scam?

    I have published three poems by them and never had any trouble - why do you say it is a scam.
    What are the good contests to reply too? :-?

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    thnx 4 the info. hope no one have goe hurt by this scam.

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    ILP poetry scam

    It's not only ILP / who's involved.
    All those who submitted to have undoubtedly by now received an email from Noble House Publishers (Mr Nigel Hillary).
    NHP is directly related to ILP / and is the same scam but dressed up in a nicer suit.
    Be aware also for them!
    Check the report in journal of stupidities, poetry scam(s)


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    Like an idiot, I sent them AU$122.00 for a book containing my sons poem. 4 months later, no book, but they keep sending "invoices" to put the poem in future books.

    No fool like an old fool.

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    While I am new to this forum, I am most certainly not 'new' to the scam which The International Library of Poetry has inflicted upon amateur poets.

    I love to write; yet I rarely ever write poetry. I decided to take a chance and try my hand at it, even though I usually do not enjoy poetic writings. I churned out a poem which I honestly thought was good. I took a chance and entered it into a poetry contest, hosted by (supported by The International Library of Poetry). Much to my shock, several weeks later I learned via e-mail that my poem had been selected as a semi-finalist. I was so excited! It sounded too good to be true. Not only would my poem be published, but I would also be in the running to win a $1,000.00 monetary prize. I sent in the necessary paperwork and thought nothing more about it, honestly. Today, I received yet another letter in the mail from the same society informing me that my poem had been chosen to be part of a recording. This recording would consist of 33 other selected poems, and be part of a musical anthology, if you will. My delusional appeal to be gullible set in and once more, and I was excited beyond belief.

    Out of sheer interest, I began researching the company today. I was interested in seeing if any further information was available, possibly testimonies from other published authors. What I found did not excite me in the slightest, only made me ill. I learned that The International Library of Poetry is nothing more than an international scam. This company is associated with several other so-called publication companies, all of which make the same claims. I visited one site which had open articles published by informative sources which gave several accounts dealing with the scams this company presents to unknowing individuals. I read an acceptance letter, the same letter which I received, that had been given to an individual who wrote a sheer mock of a poem. It was horrid! I later read that this poem had been a test, if you will, in an attempt to see if this association actually turned down a poem. Every single poem submitted, apparently, is awarded to be a semi-finalist.

    It is nothing more than a scam to take the money of the innocent writers who think they have achieved their dream to be published. I thought that the cost for the published anthology was quite expensive. To purchase the set of three CD's for the poetic reading is nearly $60.00, plus shipping. I knew when I read that today, something was terribly wrong.

    It simply upsets me to no end! Here I thought that my work was special, being recognized by superior authors and educated individuals. I thought that I had been...well...found. As it turns out, I was not found, nearly scammed, that's all. Thankfully, I opted 'not' to purchase any of the products supplied by the company.

    On top of it all, I was one of the 'lucky' (ha!) individuals selected by Noble House Publishers. I would love to join in an effort to disable this so-called poetry institute. What they have done to the hearts and souls of so many aspiring writers is simply an injustice.

    Now, though, I just wish I didn't feel so disappointed. I will 'not' be sending in my "recording proof", and if at all possible, I am contacting the specified personal and demanding that my poem be deleted from their website. I want to be no part of this humiliating spectacle which they have created. If anyone wishes to join me, please let me know.

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    I have also realized that this was a scam. I went through the emotional highs that the other people here who have posted went through. I was selected to be on the CD that "Only 33 other poets would be choosen for!" Then, I submitted another poem, under a different address, and guess what? That one was choosen too! I guess that would make me 1 of 32? You are absolutely right when you say that the way they prey on people's feelings in ridiculous! (I guess I can be glad I didn't send them any money!)

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    The same exact has happened to me. Fortunately, I just received the letter saying I was a semi-finalist and did not send them any money. I definitely agree with Abigail and would like my poetry off the website. Just knowing how I felt when I got the letter and how I feel now, I don't want other people to have to go through that. They are not only scamming people out of money, but they are crushing peoples dreams, getting their hopes up just to find out it was all a lie. What they did and are doing is horrible and should be stop. :evil:

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    Same here Abby, but i never sent anything back to them. I got kind of suspicious...... It's a horrible thing they're doing. evil

    "My body won't succumb to my heart and it's tearing me apart"

    "There is no point to democracy when ignorance is celebrated"

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    Int'l Library of --- what?

    Yes, I was fooled. I wrote what I thought was a really good piece and submitted it....when the letter came that I was a semi-finalist something just didn't seem right....but I was so excited to think of my book in print...I went and looked on, and sure enough, they have published a few anthologies (that don't sell) I sent in my check...before it was cashed I received the note saying my "free" book would cost either $59.95 "without membership" or $49.95 "with membership" that point I said, Nope, sorry, and cancelled the check. Legit writers, stay away!

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    I too was fooled by the ILP, I actually paid for an anthology (not my finest moment!) and suprise suprise have never recieved it. I have however recieved at least 10 more letters advising me that the same poem has been published in another anthology and guaranteeing that it would be a worthwhile investment.....ha!
    Not Happy............ :evil:

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    I have an idea to screw!!

    I have an idea 8) ! Everybody go to and submit a poem like this

    The contest at is a complete S.C.A.M.
    The reason I put the word S.C.A.M.
    In period’s is because they won't
    Let me use that word without the periods!
    You should Google the words
    "Poetry S.C.A.M.’s"
    (Without the periods, of course.)
    Then you shall see the truth.
    They make over 8.2 million dollars
    From the American Public
    How much money do you make?

    Or in a form that tells the other innocent people that is scam. interesting to note that doesn't let you use the word "Scam"!!

    Obviously, the public needs to know that is FAKE. I use fake names in onder that when a person goes to look up his poems he might see my poem and look at it(my title was a big bulky title that usually would catch someones eye). One of my funniest poem(s) is under the name off "Macs Peed Uryn"!!(macs backwards is scam!)(unfornately no one else has that name)! You should also look for Jefferson Davis(quite hirlarious, i think)! 8)

    But this is something I urge you all to do!!

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