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    Would of absolutly loved the internet.

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    Are you sure about that? I personally think the opposite. The internet seems equal with 'telescreen', which he hated. Its a very controlled environment, really, with a spesific address for every computer connected... TCP/IP. Everyone on the internet can be surveyed if nowadays 'big brother' wants it, no? And its so well disguised that most people dont even think about it. Oh yeah, big brother is watching you..

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    I agree with ragnarok he did hate the tele screen. Your always being watched who would like that? To have every step watched! our society is going into a technology state which could bring us to our own disaster. Just reading "big brother" is watching you makes me think how true it is no one trust each other anymore, there’s cameras in the stores, and at the gas stations every where what willl happen next!!

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