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Thread: Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education

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    Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education
    We are born weak, we need strength; helpless we need aid; foolish we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's estate, is the gift of education.
    This education comes from nature, from men or from things. The inner growth of our organs and faculties is the education of nature, the use we learn to make of our growth is the education of men, what we gain by our experience of our surroundings is the education of things
    We are each taught by three masters. If their teaching conflicts, the scholar is ill-educated and will never be at peace with himself; if their teaching agrees, he goes straight to his goal, he lives at peace with himself, he is well-educated.
    Now each of these factors in education is wholly beyond our control, things are only partly in our power; the education of men is the only one controlled by us; and even here our power is largely illusory, for who can hope to direct every word and deed of all with whom the child has to do.
    Viewed as an art, the success of education is almost impossible since the essential conditions of success are beyond our control. Our efforts may bring us within sight of the goal, but fortune must favour us if we are to reach it.
    What is this goal? As we have just shown, it is the goal of nature. Since all three modes of education must work together, the two that we can control must follow the lead of that which is beyond our control.

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    JJ Rousseau an artist?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tariq Hayat Las View Post
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau on education
    Viewed as an art, the success of education......
    He is always described as a philosphe, yet his way of thinking is "artistic" as the above example demonstrates!

    Makes one wonder!

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