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    Smile Anne with an e

    I just finished reading the Anne series. I declare that Anne touches my heart and so does Lucy Maud. How she makes stories out of commenplace event that may happen to any one. I relived my childhood reading these 8 books. We all see and notice things but very few of us could really write stories like that. That reminds me how I used to write stories and it used to annoy me when my teacher said they were not good enough for the magzines. After reading the Anne series I went through my childhood litterature and now I know why my teacher said that.....Ans I am convinced

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    I agree that Anne is wonderful. She is so, so full of life! She does remind me a lot of Betsy Ray. I've really enjoyed the Anne books I have read.
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    I Love Anne Of Green Gables

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    I identified with part of the story where Anne said she was " Anne with an e." My middle name is Ann, but I always though it looked better with an e. When I became an adult I started spelling my name that way.

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