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Thread: Challenge: Describe One of Your Parents in 100 Words.

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    i loved blp's poem...anyway who cares about Predictability,is this not about's reality...

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    Dadís so incredible, Iíll say, and more than that, heís mine
    His is a godly, loving, certain, unchanging set of mind.
    I can trust him now and love him and accept what ever he say
    Because he is my head and my protector, my guardian each day.
    Heís preparing me for one who will take me from his wing
    And trains me to then serve that one and learn of all the things
    I can do to honor him right now; a blessing, not a curse.
    Some say heís strict, but me? I say thereís none so good on earth.

    My dad's amazing. Honestly, I can't tell you how much I love and respect him. He puts so much into my schooling (compiling/writing my history/Bible programs), future, pleasure, and everything. I don't get along that well with my mom but we're working on that one!

    don't fall down.

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