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Thread: Srenace is on board

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    Apr 2006

    Talking Srenace is on board

    Hello to you all,lovely to meet you.Hope we will have an interesting time (how did that get there?)

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    Hi Serenace, I'm hendathor and I just joined today. Hope all is well with you. I am fine myself. Greetings to everyone.

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    Hi Again Serenace and Everyone,

    That's a cool name ...nace. I live in Essex, after East London.

    " .... puny little creatures
    yet now and oft
    our worth we vaunt
    mere earthlings and hollow
    simple specks of dust
    in this grand scheme withal"

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    welcome to both of you, post loads and enjoy!
    dead on the inside, i've got nothing to prove
    keep me alive and give me something to lose

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