A tiny little snowflake, I can catch in my hand
It reminds me of a pure love I had that understands
A love like no other, who kissed me Oh! so sweet
He left my life, before my life was complete

A tiny little snowflake, are settled in my hair
I feel once again so special, covered all in white
The trees sparked, houses all lit up
I see the children riding on their sleigh
Everthing looks so happy an gay

A tiny little snowflake falling on the ground
I wish now I could find someone
Who will turn me all around
I look up in the Heavens
So much I want to say
God, sent me a loved one
For me that will stay

A tiny little snowflake make me think of angels
I close my eye and feel the happiness
Coming from the inside
When I walk pass houses
With their light, I wish I was not out here in the cold
Tell me Dear Lord, where I should go

A tiny little snowflake reminds me of love
I have looked the world over
Never could I find any of
As a tiny little snowflake, tell's me of a better time
I will ask God, to send me a loved one to be mine

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet