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Thread: The matrix and literature+ Greek mythology

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    The matrix and literature+ Greek mythology

    The matrix trilogy ( tonight's opening night!!!!!!!!) has been associated with the bible, alice in wonderland and greek mythology . I was wondering if there are any other link ?
    ( Oh , and what EXACTLY iS greek mythology ? I still don't get it...)
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    Yes, there are, but I can't remember them. My friend at work is a total 'Matrix' fanatic, and around the release of 'Reloaded' he was telling me his theory on what philosophy the original and the sequel were based on, and it was very interesting. It was something to do with post-Gnosticism, or something.

    I'm working tomorrow night, so I'll ask if you'd like?
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    The Matrix is a sort of mish-mash of gnosticism and Christianity. For instance, Neo is supposed to be a Christ like figure, but there is a world-Denying element which is present throughout the film. There ARE some references to Greek mythology, most notably Morpheus is named after the Greek God of dreams, and has several traits in common with him. If you want more info, its all on wikipedia.
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