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Thread: Archetypes of "The Great Gatsby?

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    Archetypes of "The Great Gatsby?

    Can anyone tell me 4 achetypal characters and 4 images in the Great Gatsby?

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    The eyeglasses of Dr whoever it was is one archetypical image. Whether any of the characters were archetypes is open to question. I would argue that none are, but I could understand people claiming that Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom were archetypes. The best argument can be made for Gatsby.

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    Sounds like a homework question. What do you think 4 achetypal characters and 4 images are, perhaps then we can give you help.
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    This is for a research paper and im trying to get ideas from various people. I think that Gatsby could represent the prince as an archetype, Myrtle could be the Lover/flirt, Daisy might represent a Damsel, and would Nick be the hero? or Gatsby? I'm still not sure about these things.
    As for images, i was thinking of using the green light because the color green represents tranquility. Umm, im not too knowledgeable about archetypal items, so it would be nice if someone could help me with that also. Does anyone know where i can find a list of archetypal images...i've got a few things like colors, water, sun, circles, and numbers.
    Can someone explain to me what archetypal characteristics are?? Is it like a theme? I need to find 3 characteristics that appear in the book also.
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    what up bishop lynch?

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