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    Smile Upon My Return

    Upon My Return

    When the fragrance of fields fill the air,
    And the singing birds dance in flair,
    When butterflies glide with their rainbow wings,
    “I am home! I am home!” my heart sings.

    I drove along the endless meadows glistening under the sun,
    Here was the place I used to gleefully run.
    Where my friends and I spent our childhood days,
    “Yes! This is my home!” merrily my heart says.

    Ah! Is that at the end of the road truly what I see?
    Where it once as always stood to be.
    Its dry paint crack after all these lonesome years.
    “My beloved home…” I uttered in tears.

    Hastily I ran all the way to our backyard.
    My eyes are in search and my heart beating hard.
    I wish to see again the tree I knew,
    The very place when I first met you.

    There it rose higher than before,
    Thick in strength in all the memories it bore,
    As tall as the dreams I then tried to reach,
    As wise as the messages it managed to teach.

    On this very height I once did view,
    Of skyscrapers and gray drawn towers anew,
    Of my crowded city wide and busy,
    All far from the beauty here I see.

    My eyes were ceased by a panoramic view,
    Beheld then before by me and you.
    We shall greet the sun on its wake and bid farewell upon its sleep.
    On this top we would sing, laugh and then did weep.

    Stepping back I have reached the old porch,
    That keeps me cool whenever the day would scorch.
    And there was the swing where mother and I used to lie,
    Telling stories and letting time pass by.

    Inside I tread, on the floor that breathed out in dust.
    Lined in some corners pipes did rust.
    The walls still held my sketches of yesteryears,
    Drawn were the forms of my hopes and fears.

    Sitting down on a table where my family then dined,
    Echoes of chatters filled up my mind,
    Sprang forth the figures of my parents and siblings in their rightful seat,
    That very special place where we all gather to meet.

    Upstairs were the fours corners that once my spirit was encased,
    An endless warmth with which I am embraced.
    Here it was where I dreamt, and dreams did come true.
    For a while, lost in time, I bid reality adieu.

    Then my eyes glimpsed the sight of a corner shelf,
    On it an old box, which I knew, contains half of myself.
    Trembling in hesitation, questioning in fear,
    Hoping to seek what led me back here.

    A stroke of relief as a smile stretched through my face,
    My eyes mirrored it same bristling grace.
    Our old symbol of love, a proof, no lie,
    The pendant that held an old photograph of you and I.

    Yes, this old house was the witness of my past,
    Like a camera shooting films to last,
    Or a bottle of liquor stored in age and in time,
    A cocktail of treasures that was sweeter than wine.

    Outside, just a little more pace to another beloved place,
    I slumbered on the smooth grass on this open space.
    This land that over and over I untiringly did roam,
    A part of that which I call home.

    Home to where my heart once stood still,
    As time had stop atop this memorable hill.
    The monotonous days rhythmically pass by and by,
    Eternity ruled the lands and the sky.

    Stepping on the gas, I drove away,
    Ready to rest was the weary day,
    Waving farewell to my kingdom and its men,
    With a heartbeat I sighed, “Until we meet again…”

    In my thoughts I have pondered how we all tread on,
    A life long drive to each new destination.
    We can change from who we were to a different man,
    But our hearts will always come back to where it all began…

    Anybody? Please criticize? Thank you much!
    - Chris
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