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Thread: A Myth to Teach Astrology?

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    A Myth to Teach Astrology?

    Some see in this work a literary animation of the Zodiac. What do you think?

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    I think you're going to have to spell it out for us, Mil. I've always taken it as a folk epic of a people.

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    Gilgamesj is our first written epos. This doesn't mean its man's first experiment to write down a bedtime-story. The text shows us that the story itself is much much older, and comes from a long line of oral tradition. You can compare it with Homer's Illias, written down aroud 600 BC but narrating of events happened hundreds of years earlier.

    I believe one there are more then one explanation for Gilgamesj, like the circle of life and death, mastering your own life, explanations of physical phenomenae, but also giving a look at the babylonian pantheon, a source of social structures and believes in babylonian society. I will read it again Mil, and see what it says about astronomy!
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