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Thread: Resemblance in writing style.

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    Resemblance in writing style.

    Did you ever find any author's style very similar to any other author? If you did so then which author he/she was and his/her writing style resembled with whom?

    I found Thomas Hardy's style a very little similar to Emily Bronte but I might be wrong here.
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    When I read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, I thought it felt somewhat like a rougher version of Michael Crichton's writing (but with a religious twist).
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    Homer & Virgil
    Arthur Conan Doyle & Agatha Christie
    Alan Moore & Neil Gaiman
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    Anyone know any author with a writing style similar to Jane Austen's? Dorothy Sayers sometimes reminds me of Jane Austen, maybe because they're both full of decorums, funny sarcasm and archaic English?

    Edit: sorry for asking the same question twice. I thought my previous post had been deleted.
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